When a Loved One Passes Away, Let Us Help Guide You through the Administration of their Estate

When someone passes away in Delaware, and has solely owned real estate in Delaware or has more than $30,000 in solely held assets, their estate must be probated with the Register of Wills. Often times, families find this process to be tedious and time consuming. With the help of our experienced attorney, Tanya Sellers, families are able to easily navigate through the task at hand and get their loved one’s estate closed quickly and correctly.

Other times, it is necessary to administer a trust after a loved one dies.  This is another area where we would be happy to help make sure the person’s final wishes are carried out.

In addition to grieving a loss, families report that wrapping their minds around administering an estate can max out their stress levels.  It is our goal to lessen that burden and make it an easier process for families.  Give our office a call to discuss details and setting up a consultation.


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