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  • Karla B. Levinson Attorney

    During the pandemic, Karla is thankful for:

    • My morning cup of coffee.
    • Being able to wear sweatpants and/or leggings while doing Zoom calls.
    • A never-ending supply of Netflix shows to binge-watch before bed.
  • Tanya Sellers Attorney

    During the pandemic, Tanya is thankful for:

    • A beautiful indoor arena so that I can ride my ponies all through the long dark cold winter.
    • so I can order delicious food from all over the country, since I can’t actually visit those places in real life right now. (Tennessee spicy fried chicken up next!)
    • Zoom technology so we can all still work from the safety of our homes.
  • Linda Levinson Attorney

    During the pandemic, Linda is thankful for:

    • The houseplants that my husband keeps alive.
    • Ginger cookies.
    • Zoom yoga.

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