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Solving Cost of Long-term Care Payment Challenges and Protecting your Assets

You or your loved one may be coping with a crisis due to a family member’s unexpected need for assisted living or nursing home care, or you may be interested in planning ahead to prepare financially for any future long-term care needs.

We help Delaware seniors and their families in these situations, as well as people who want innovative, comprehensive, estate planning and estate administration.

Even if you don’t think you may need legal help or legal advice now, we urge you to ask us for free information that can save you money and protect your assets in the future.

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Finding Hidden Benefits- Comprehensive Estate Counsel

The Levinson Firm’s focus is on helping you or your loved ones pay for needed care while protecting assets to the greatest possible extent. This includes providing experienced representation across a range of practice areas relevant to the practical needs of seniors and their loved ones facing the challenge of paying for long-term care.
Our legal knowledge is complimented by a willingness to help you deal with other aspects of long-term care planning-including sharing our knowledge of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term care options. We are the ONLY Delaware Elder Law firm with a former Medicaid case worker on staff!

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We know Medicaid Eligibility, Qualification and Planning Strategies

As Delaware’s oldest and largest firm dedicated to Medicaid Planning we are committed to providing up-to-date solutions to your long-term care planning needs. We have eight staff members with the knowledge of the Delaware Medicaid process. Unlike less experienced attorneys who may talk to you about a plan but leave you on your own to deal with the Medicaid application process, The Levinson Firm, LLC is with you every step of the way.
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