Asset Protection Planning: Non-Crisis

It’s super important to think about how to keep your savings safe, especially with the cost of long-term care always rising. You might think having a will or a trust is enough to protect your money, but what if something unexpected happens, like a stroke or Alzheimer’s? Suddenly, you might need to use all your savings for care. But don’t worry, we’re here to talk about ways to keep your assets safe, no matter what comes your way.

Here at the family-owned The Levinson Firm, LLC in Wilmington, Delaware, with our attorneys, including Karla Levinson, we’ve got a bunch of strategies to stop nursing home costs from eating up your savings. Sure, long-term care insurance is one option, but it’s not right for everyone. Sometimes it’s too pricey, or you might end up not using it after all. And we’ve all heard those stories about insurance not covering what you thought it would.

That’s where Medicaid planning comes in. It’s all about making smart, legal moves now to make sure you can get Medicaid to help with nursing home costs if you ever need it. And no, it’s not dishonest—it’s just like regular estate or tax planning. It’s about making sure you can use your hard-earned money for your needs, not just what Medicaid covers.

Long-Term Care Insurance is Not the Only Option

Whether you’re planning ahead or need help right now, we can talk about setting up a special trust that keeps you eligible for Medicaid without losing control over your assets. And even if you do not have much time to prepare, we have other ways to protect your assets too.

We Offer Non-Crisis Planning or Immediate Help

Call and talk to us about how we can help protect your assets, keeping your needs and goals in mind. Our team knows a ton about estate and long-term care planning, so we can make sure your plan fits your specific needs and is very thorough.


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