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Protecting Assets for Delaware Seniors Every Step of the Way

The Levinson Firm, LLC is a Wilmington, Delaware law firm led by attorney Karla B. Levinson that exclusively practices elder law and estate planning. For us, this means providing practical, money-saving solutions to challenges faced by seniors and their loved ones concerned about long-term care and well-being. We are Delaware’s oldest and largest law firm that practices exclusively in the area of Elder law.

Are you or your loved one facing a health care crisis of an elderly spouse or parent, and need help in finding a nursing home and how you will pay for it? We can help.

Are you a senior or a loved one of someone recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another serious chronic condition-or are you trying to save as much as you can for your heirs in the event you or your loved one needs full time care? We know the legal strategies and financial techniques that can make a real financial difference for your family.

We know the Truth about Medicaid Planning and offer Full Service Help

Medicaid laws are constantly changing resulting in much misinformation about who can qualify, the many requirements and dos and don’ts. There are also many pitfalls in the application process. Whether you need to apply for Delaware Medicaid now, or want to plan ahead for the future, The Levinson Firm, LLC is a valuable resource. Our lawyer and knowledgeable staff can help you or your loved one qualify for Medicaid quickly, honestly and legally.

Knowledge and Action to Save Your Hard Earned Assets

Karla B. Levinson is an elder law attorney at The Levinson Firm, LLC.  She was in practice with her father, the late Larry Levinson – one of the premier attorneys in his field and founder of The Levinson Firm.  With Larry’s guidance,  Karla learned the ins and outs of the practice and has been serving seniors and their families for over seven years.  She knows the legal ways to help her clients get the quality long-term care they need, often protecting 50 to 100 percent of their hard earned money and property.

If you are a veteran or the widow of a veteran, we can help you obtain a valuable benefit many people do not know about it. We take a comprehensive approach to every individual or family’s needs, offering recently developed types of living trusts, assistance in preparing for the financial futures of special needs family members, and other estate planning services.